What is TubeBuddy for YouTube and What does it do?

Next to Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. A lot of people take advantage of this platform when it comes to generating more traffic and leads to their website.

Do you like to optimize your YouTube channel to get more traffic, leads and sales?

Do you like to rank higher in YouTube search result, to generate more traffic to your YouTube channel and to save your time in YouTube keyword research? Then TubeBuddy is your best friend.

General Overview

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that integrates right into your YouTube account. The extension that allows you to manage, grow and optimize your YouTube channel to get more views, subscribers for your YouTube account more simply and effectively. The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Apple and Android.

Tubebuddy is one of the Youtube apps that are certified; this means YouTube can recognize TubeBuddy tool.

The one salient key feature about TubeBuddy is its keyword research tool. To become a successful YouTuber, putting the right keywords and tags in the video description is very important, based on which YouTube SEO ranks the videos on YouTube. Thanks to TubeBuddy for making this task easy.

For a YouTuber and content creator, TubeBuddy is the fastest and effective YouTube keyword tool.

It helps to grow YouTube channel.

How Can TubeBuddy Help You With Keyword Research For YouTube?

Discover Keywords Easily:

Hope many would have heard and used tools like Google keyword planner, SEMrush, Ubersuggest etc.. for your keyword search. But what works even better is TubeBuddy specifically designed and optimized for YouTube, and it is easy to use and do research on keywords.

In regards to keyword search, TubeBuddy does the following things.

  1. The tool helps to find the right keywords for your niche.
  2. It helps to find the right and exact keyword faster.

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Let’s get started and see some of these features.

Keyword Explorer:

TubeBuddy helps to explore and test out your keywords; this is one of the features required when it comes to planning a YouTube video like what description to use, what title and important thing Tags.

The tool helps to show the information regards to your keyword, how much competition, overall score, analysis and suggested keywords and more. And there are a lot more features available in TubeBuddy.

Say, for example, if we want to focus on keyword how to make cake cream. TubeBuddy will provide an overall score based on the search volume and competition for that keyword. It will help to decide whether or not it’s the right keyword to use.

Based on the topic of how to make cake cream, if the tool suggests poor score, massive search volume but also heavy competition. By using TubeBuddy keyword explorer, the tool helps to suggest and find keywords which have more chance to rank on YouTube.

This feature is available in the free version, but it is a limited number of searches per day.

Suggested Tags:

This feature is so helpful and must feature for any YouTuber to get rank higher in YouTube platform.

When you upload a video with Title description in the YouTube channel, the TubeBuddy will start to suggest some tags to use. Based on title description, TubeBuddy will start suggesting the relevant tags for your uploaded video. It will start to show all the relevant tags for your video on how to make cake cream. The tool helps to find the right tags and saves a lot of time in discovering the relevant tags for the uploaded video-based. Based on the suggested tags, add whichever you would like to add to your video, that’s it.

This feature is available in the free version but limited to three suggested tags only. It is well worth to upgrade to see all the recommended tags.

View and Copy tags from other videos:

I’m sure you are going to love this excellent feature and how much it is going to help you.

  1. Want to know what tags your competitors are using it?
  2. Want to know what tags to use for your videos?
  3. Want to know how a particular video getting viral and ranking on top in YouTube search results?

All the above is possible to discover with the help of TubeBuddy extension. Good news is that this feature is unlimited even in the free version.

It’s so beneficial, especially if there’s a particular content writer who’s generating content material that’s just like you produce and has a similar kind of audience and to discover what is their most popular videos are how you can optimize similarly.

The Upload Checklist:

When we upload a video, it is all together with a sequence of the process like upload, publish, optimize and many which we don’t remember all the time and tend to forget sometimes.

The upload checklist helps a lot, no need to remember every tiny little thing while uploading and publishing the video.

Again, this is available in the free version of TubeBuddy.

The tool will help to do everything to promote your video and to rank better in the YouTube search engine, and it is an excellent feature if you want to follow what the YouTube gurus recommend.

It is also possible to import the list, store and organize all your tips and tricks during the video upload process.

Here the access to the Free trial TubeBuddy! You can start playing around with this fantastic tool. Click here.

The tool is going to save you a lot of time and will help to get more views and subscribers on YouTube.

TubeBuddy packed with:

💻 Productivity Tools set you up for success while guiding you through YouTube’s Best Practices.

📝 Bulk Processing Tools save you time managing your channel and get you back to creating.

🎥 Video SEO Tools help improve your video’s search ranking with optimized tags, titles and descriptions.

📣 Promotion Tools get your videos seen across various platforms with ease.

📈 Data & Research Tools help you test, tweak and optimize your channel growth strategy.


TubeBuddy is the best tool out in the market to find Keywords and Tags for your YouTube videos.

But remember, the tool is going to help you with your videos…It is also essential your YouTube channel depends upon your quality content to withstand in the competition on the longer run.

I am always happy to keep the conversation going, and love to hear your feedback!

See you on the next one!