What is SEMrush and used for ?

SEMrush is an online SEO marketing toolkit or service for those who want to grow their website or blog or business to the next level. SEMrush is the most popular toolkit used by more than 6 million people worldwide.

The tool helps to does your organic keyboard search, content writing assistant, keyword strategy used by your competitor, runs SEO audit and much more you can do just using the SEMrush toolkit.

SEMrush is trusted by internet marketers by all over the world. Leading companies like Vodafone, Wix, Booking, Philips, Paypal etc use SEMrush toolkit for their business growth. It is also used by a number of big and small companies. SEMrush has a major database of 46 million domains and 120 million keywords.

SEMrush helps with your content marketing, which is a foremost vital thing it does.

Below, you will find the list of most commonly used SEMrush tools we use regularly to help us in our marketing efforts.

1.Keyword Research:

 The Keyword Magic Tool provides accurate metrics regarding keyword research, and it even shows a Trend tab so you can spot opportunities of which keywords are becoming more popular on the internet.

Keywords can be selected and added to the keyword manager so you can track them with the Position Tracking tool.

On the left side of this keyword research tool, you can look for keyword clusters that contain specific keywords.

The export data option is available and is very simple to do. There are many different keyword research tools available in the market, but SEMrush really does make life easier by automating the process.

SEMrush has two million keywords in its database. This helps to find the right keywords for your business.

The tool allows to create up to 50 target keyword lists for you or if you are helping multiple clients.

2.Position Tracking:

Once you’ve figured out the keywords you really want to track, you have added those keywords to the position tracking tool.

This is definitely one of the best features within SEMrush toolkit, specifically because it breaks down your organic keyword rankings every day and splits it within top 3, top 10, top 20, and top 100 rankings.

The tool also provides overview metrics of your visibility, estimated traffic, and average position.

There are eight tabs, within the Position Tracking tool, so you can do a lot of research regarding your organic rankings in the internet.

The Overview tab shows a nice Visibility Trend chart so you can see if your recent SEO efforts have been working or not.

You can also see exactly which keywords you are ranking for and their important metrics.

Another great feature is that I get daily emails that inform me of almost any critical changes in my rankings.

And one of my favourite features of the Position Tracking tool, especially if you’re a local business, is you can Geo-target those keywords to see how you’re doing at a local look level instead of depending on your national rankings.

3.SEO Content Template:

The SEO Content Template helps content writers to write SEO-friendly content by providing a template of recommendations based on target keywords. After entering a keyword or group of keywords a template will be generated.

For any keyword you put in, it will extract important data from the top 10 ranking pages of that query.

The template provides recommended readability score, keywords to use, potential backlinks targets, text length and more.

4.Keyword Gap Tool:

The Keyword Gap tool really helps you see how your website stacks up against competitors in your space targeting the same keywords as yours.

The tool helps you to spot the keyword opportunities based on top four different competitors. You can analyze which keyword your competitor rank for, also which keyword overlap with your competitor.

Another cool feature this tools allow you to filter between keywords which you ranking weakly for, uniquely for or missing completely when compared to your competitor.

You will also get information like difficulty to rank for, volume and Adwords keywords.

Knowing all this information will help to optimize your posts, and have the opportunity to write about new content ideas.

5.Site Audit:

The Site Audit tool can rapidly and precisely review any website and give an overview of its health, as well as any basic issues to fix.

The tool provides potential issues based on three categories: Errors, Warnings and Notice. This report will help to take action and fix the issues if there any problem occurring with your site that affects your site performance.

The Site Audit tool is user friendly in terms of displaying errors and help provides a recommendation to solve them.

In simple, the tool makes sure your website adheres to SEO practices to be followed.

 Summarize Key Points:

  1. User Friendly: It is very easy to use and no need to be Pro.
  2. Keyword Research: Next to Google keyword planner, this is the widely used tool. The tool provides a wide range of keywords along with their volume and difficulty.
  3. Site Audit: In simple SEMrush is the best one for auditing a website. I can say, no other tool can provide you with the best website audit.
  4. Content Analysis: As content is the key part, the tool helps you to analyze, quality topic and SEO aspects is very much required. These insights will help improve your website ranking.
  5. Link Building: Link Gap helps you in searching for the sites, this will help to buildup links to get organic traffic to your website.
  6. Rank Tracking: it is very helpful to check ranks very easy. You can set up keywords together with ranking location and devices used.
  7. Integration: The tool integrates Google Analytics and Search Console.
  8. Competitive Research: The tool provides details like Keyword Gap, Backlink Gap, based on this information you can make changes in your website accordingly.
  9. PPC: Helps to improve PPC campaigns by comparing our ads with leading companies PPC ads.
  10. Brand Monitoring: You can also set Brand monitoring and check the same.


SEMrush is consistently ranked as one of the best tool to be used by Industry influencers.

It is robust enough to provide all essential detailed information that you can actually make use of its tools. The detailed information helps anyone looking to optimize their website, find suitable keywords to target, and to explore more information about their competitors

For anyone who is looking for an all-in-one marketing tool, then SEMrush is your best friend.

SEMrush team always cares customer and constantly keep upgrading their tool and always up to date.

If you want to try and explore these awesome features, get your free trial of SEMrush tool here

I am always happy to keep the conversation going, and love to hear your feedback!

See you on the next one!